i dont suck that much

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cute pixels photo:  strawberryjournal.png just a lil jordan in a big world cute pixels photo:  strawberryjournal.png
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breaking news: a very rude person punched the door to my stall nd im very upset i dont like people very much

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comin @ ya live from the walmart restrooms

im about to poop my pants but theres someone in the bathroom w me but when no ones in here its too quiet RIP me im never eating antigay chick fil a again ive learned my lesson lord ill never support a company that goes against my beliefs amen

im currently eating alone in the mall bc my boyfriend is ordering food but everyone keeps looking @ me like im a sad lonely creature like hey, have u tried eating my ass?


Rifle Paper Co


Rifle Paper Co

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we’re all one race :)


the shape shifting reptilians

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